Monday, October 22, 2012

Why kids hate school? No!

A man named Roger Schank wrote an interesting article on why kids hate school. Some of the subject he goes over are understandable, like chemistry, history, and biology. I agree with almost everything he says, but there are a few that I will point out that he has wrong. First of all, he introduces the article as, "here is why you hate it." However, reading through the article makes me realize that he never really says why we hate it, he just says why he finds it useless. Yes, we might hate it because we might find it useless, but not everyone who hates high school hates it for the same reason. Second, he points out the angry math teachers. He is speculating in doing this. He says that if math made you think, the teachers would have looked him up, but maybe they did look him up and realized it didn't matter who he was. Also, it seems to me that he thinks he is better than what people are saying just because of what he studied. Studying the subject your bashing doesn't not make a person immune to being hated because it will still anger some readers. The final thing I would like to point out is his section on foreign language; he may have found this happening with his daughter, but everybody learns differently. Personally, I find it easier to write the words down, look at them, say them to myself, and then test myself to see what I remember. I have heard of people who have been dumped in a foreign land with no knowledge of the language, but they learn it. However, they all say that they were overwhelmed, and they wanted to give up.


  1. I definatly agree that not all his points are true and right, also I agree that he never told us why we hate certain subjects.

  2. I agree that not everything he said was correct. He never pointed out why to hate school, only why he believed it was pointless. Not everyone will see some of the classes as pointless just because he did.

  3. I like that you mentioned his math schooling doesn't make him immune to the criticisms he is rightfully receiving.