Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I Find Some Classes Pointless

Just because Roger C. Schank thinks that school subjects are pointless, doesn't mean that I hate them. Even stated in the title, his article focuses on why kids hate school, but all he huffed and puffed about were the reasons why he thought classes were pointless education. I don't hate classes, but do I find them worthless for my future? Of course. The only reason why I take these worthless classes is because it's required. When I do learn something though, it is easily forgotten in the coming months because I don't regurgitate everyday like my teacher demands; however, all this data will probably be stored in my long-term memory because it spent so much time in my working-memory(some things I learned in my Psychology class). But even though it's in my ltm, does not mean I can recall any of this because it wasn't that important to my education in the first place. I can honestly say only three out of the eight of my classes I'm taking now will be used in my future.

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