Monday, October 22, 2012

Understanding Our Cries For Help

Roger C. Schank. I could marry you. Finally, someone actually agrees with what us students have been saying for years. 
Why we hate school: 2 Main Reasons
Reason 1: Classes
We are forced to take so many classes that in the real world won't help us unless we're going into that area of work. For example, history. With the area of work I'm going into, I don't need to know about what happened a hundred years ago unless it was due to science. For certain  people, they won't need math. My brother, for example, is going to the marines. He doesn't need math. He's not going to use it and plus, he's just not that good at it, so it's of no use. I think it's fine that in middle school and elementary school we have to take basically all required classes because that'll show us what we really want to do with our life and what we love, but in high school we should be able to choose all the classes we want to take. Sure, there are going to be people that take the extremely easy way out, but that's their own fault when their future doesn't work out the way they would want it to. Then there will be the other kids who take the classes they know will help them with their future and they will be more than ready to go to college and study what they want because they'll have a very strong background. 

Reason 2: Being treated like a child but expected to act like an adult
This just make me angry. Honestly. We are expected to act like adults and do our homework on time and be to class on time, but then we're treated like children. With these new computers our school has, they have basically EVERYTHING blocked. In college do you think we'll have websites blocked? No. We should obviously have some sites blocked because of how inappropriate they are, but websites such as YouTube shouldn't be blocked. YouTube has many things that would be very helpful to us, but it's blocked. We need to learn how to control our urge to be on other sites while were in high school, or else we're going to be thrown in college and have Facebook and Twitter at our hands during class, and we'll take advantage of it. We won't have the practice of controlling it. 

I'm sure there are more reasons why students hate school, but these are the two that first came to mind. If we fix these problems, I'm sure students would enjoy school more, but I'm also sure that there are always going to be some students who will constantly look for a reason to hate it. 


  1. I agree with you. We should be able to choose our classes. If people choose easy classes in high school, that is probably what they will do in college and later in life. Students who want to take harder classes should be able to.

  2. I like how you talked about the blocking of websites on our computer. Everything is blocked and in college they won't be. Our school should, at least for the more mature kids seniors and juniors, unblock things like YouTube for us.