Sunday, October 14, 2012

Teaching the Fleas

This video had a lot of really good points to it. I had never really thought about the way we learn being similar to a factory line before. I think that it is a pretty good comparison now. Everyone has a different pace and style of learning. Some kids understand things easier than others too. They may be ready to move on, but they can't because not everyone is as ready as them. There are held back so that they are learning with everyone else in their grade. This also can cause other kids that are smart not to feel that way because some kids are bored in class when they aren't. The way we are organized reminded me of the first video we watched because the kids can't go any farther than there grade or there invisible lid. I also agree with the fact that our school was designed for a different age, and while it has changed a little, it could use some more changes to help it fit the students it has now. The statistics about ADHD rising with standard tests, also surprised me.

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  1. I agree that our school is definitely trying to change with the times, but there will always be things we need to improve on. I think the biggest problem in today's schools is the mindset that everyone has to be really good at "school." I think a lot of people have lost sight of other natural talents like art, music, etc. Pursuing these things is many times looked down upon in today's society and I think that's absurd.