Monday, October 8, 2012


I have faced many hurdles while attending Okoboji High School. There have been times when I have just wanted to move away because of the hierarchy of power or the disturbing lack of caring some staff members exhibit. I don't think I am always proud to be 'One'. I don't think Okoboji is a perfect school district, far from it. And most importantly, I don't think that Okoboji Community School district is at all fantastic in any sense of the word. There is a totalitarian power distribution that some students label "cult" like. There are policies that punish good students and let troublemakers slide by. Seemingly random funds get redistributed because one activity is more important. Luxuries like the Band and Choir trip that costs nothing to the school are under fire because people in power see the experience as "noneducational".

I think we aren't better than any other small school in Iowa.
We are average.

But we don't have to be. At one point, success meant something to people. Caring about our programs and academics wasn't a one hit wonder. We cared about how colleges saw our grades and our activities. We didn't sit at home and play Xbox rather we went out and participated in things and made our school great. It wasn't just about how much money we funneled into activities or how great our football stadium was. We were about pride for our school, not about pride for our funding. We were proud because of the obstacles we have overcome, not the paths that were commonly traveled. That is what made Okoboji so great. Our ability to compete with schools who have it much easier than we do and know that we could walk off of the field with pride that we gave it our all.

Our teachers and administration cared too. The attitude was, 'don't worry, we'll help out as much as possible', not leaving a program high and dry. We did what we could to thrive and make the best our situation. We didn't settle for average. We didn't stop trying to achieve.


  1. I can see where you're coming from, but knowing you- where's the optimism? Do you have anything positive to say about our school now?

  2. Can you give an example of one of the policies "that punish good students and let troublemakers slide by"? Or a way that a staff member has shown you a lack of caring? I'm just trying to clarify your thought process here. I do appreciate that you are challenging the assignment, and I'm sorry you feel so negatively towards OHS. I think with more concrete examples, your argument would've been more convincing.