Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reality of Education

I found the video interesting during the divergent thinkers of how we are all great creative thinkers at an early age in kindergarten. But as we get older we lose focus on that. I found that very interesting that we are all geniuses on the divergent creative thinkers test earlier but as we get older we lose it. Students become more focused on just the 1 strict answer that we know or was told. But there could be other solutions out there to the problem but no one is looking for it because we are only looking for that one answer. Things could be different if we look for answers outside of the box in ways no one else has before. I also like how they talk about how schools can be holding us back, because we are being taught in schools like a factory line. I never viewed our education system as to a factory line and how they can be holding some of us back because we are educated based on our age. All the stats on ADHD also surprised me. The video opened my eyes and taught me different ways to view school and my education. 

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