Friday, October 12, 2012

Public Education

I had never really thought about the school as a production line. It was surprising to me how well this definition actually fit the situation. And as I look more thoroughly at it, I can agree with that statement as well as others including the ADHD theory. While I'm sure it exists, i'm not necessarily convinced that most of the cases that are conceived through the educational system are legitimate. Schools really do like to throw the blame on sources that they can't address, so that they won't have to. It's easier for them to say it's a chance by nature and try to move forward with the symptoms. Not everyone is the same in the way they think or the way they learn, but it's easier for the government to throw out a standard that is achievable through the production line mentality than to deal with flexibility in the system. I had never really thought of how much of an injustice was actually occurring.


  1. I agree with the fact that no one learns in the same way. Everybody takes education in a different way, and some students can't process information as well and as quickly as other students. As a result, it is true that it is easy for the government to give a standard that each student can learn by. I also never considered school to never be a production line.

  2. Not everyone thinks the same, so not everyone learns the same. The school system really does seem like a factory.