Thursday, October 4, 2012

Proud to be a Pioneer

It's homecoming week here at Okoboji -- spectacular costumes, entertaining skits, and exuberant school spirit abound.  It's the perfect time to reflect on why you're proud to go to OHS.

Write approximately 200 words (can be more!) explaining just why you like being a part of Okoboji High School.  List specific reasons, and let your writing come alive through the use of description and illustration.  Then comment thoughtfully on at least TWO posts by classmates.

I'll start with my own example.


From decorating homecoming floats to choreographing dance routines to spending countless hours on buses to and from games, I have many fond memories of my experience as a high school student.  I had teachers who were genuinely invested in my life and education, and for the most part, my classmates often felt like family.  When I first started teaching at a different district in Southwest Missouri, I missed that camaraderie that I had enjoyed so much as a student.  My coworkers didn't participate in homecoming dress-up days, our student body only got excited about sporting events, and other extra-curriculars often received no attention.  This is my fourth year teaching at Okoboji High School, and I can honestly say that I am proud to be a Pioneer.  

First of all, I work with an incredible staff of hardworking (and fun!) coworkers.  With Mr. Paulsen's affinity for dressing like a woman and Mrs. Turner's spunky personality, it is never boring to come to work.  We participate in creative videos that go viral on YouTube. and we aren't afraid to make fools of ourselves in the yearly homecoming skit.  In addition, whether students believe it or not, the teachers in this build are consistently looking for new teaching techniques and projects that will help our students not only learn now, but also be successful in their futures.

I'm also proud to be a Pioneer because our extra-curriculars have depth.  We aren't just a sport school.  Don't get me wrong.  I enjoy cheering for the home team just as much as the next person, but I like that OHS also excels in speech, debate, jazz band, and many other activities for students.  There truly is a place for every student in our school, and I think that's definitely something to inspire pride.

I grew up as a Knight, and now I'm a Pioneer.  School isn't just a place for learning about the Pythagorean theorem and compound-complex sentences; it's a place for students to discover who they are, what they want to be, and where they want to go.  I think that students at Okoboji High School, if they make the choice, get to experience the best of all academic worlds here.  So yes, it might be cheesy, and not everyone might agree, but I really am proud to be a PiONEer.

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