Sunday, October 7, 2012

Proud to be One

I am proud to be one, and I always have been. We have ample opportunities at our school to try new things. Our school has survived through the good and the bad times. We have made it through it all and still have managed to do great in many different activities. We might not be the best all the time with sports, but we still do quite well. We always have kids go to state in some type of sport which is always good. We also have done well in other activities such as debate, speech, and band. The academics at Okoboji are excellent. The classes might not always be easy, but we always have teacher that are willing to help when they aren't. The teachers we have truly care about students and want to see the succeed. None of the teachers want to see kids fail. They help us prepare for our future and help to be better people. They are also able to have fun with the students too. Most of the teachers dress up for the dress up days on homecoming. You also see a lot them at many of the games. It shows that our teachers are proud of our school and us. We are all proud to be pioneers.

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