Thursday, October 4, 2012

Proud to be One

     What makes me proud to be one? A lot. There are so many things that our school excels in, some of which I am a part of. Some of these thins include speech and drama, sports, and academics. Another growing part of our school is the recycling.
     Personally, I am proud to be a thespian. In my two previous years, I have realized that in both Large Group and Individual Speech, many of our contestants go on to State and some even to All-State. The musical and play also turn out great every year. The dedication of the cast and crew always amazes me, and the fact that I get to be a part of that, and now even start heading up the crew for the musical, gives me more of a reason to be proud to be one.
     Another part of our great school is the athletic programs. We may not have the best teams, but the spirit cheering for those teams, and even within the teams is overpowering. If football was won by having the spirit, the Pioneers would probably win every game they play. Unfortunately, the only sport team I play for is the SLPO soccer team. Because of this, some people call me a traitor, seeing as how about seventy percent of the team is from Spirit Lake. However, being a part of that thirty percent shows that I really am proud of my school. The soccer players from Okoboji represent OHS in a way that no words can describe.
     The academics in this school are outstanding. Most of the people I talk to are acing most, if not all, of their classes. Test scores generally seem high. There may be a few who struggle, but help is always offered to those who choose to take it. The recycling in our school is growing rapidly. Almost every classroom had a recycling bin for paper. In the media center, there are bins for cardboard, plastic, cans, and paper. Seeing all these recycling bins reminds me how much space is saved by reusing these items. Knowing that our school is a part of the Going Green mind set makes me proud of the staff and students.

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  1. I really liked your last paragraph about academics. Most schools only care about sports, but it's true that Okoboji teachers really care about our grades.