Thursday, October 4, 2012

Proud To Be Me

I was going to go with the cliché Proud to be One title, but instead I chose the 'Proud to be Me' title. I know, such a little word change. What's the difference? I am proud to be one, but instead of saying one, I'm saying me. I have truly become a pioneer in the past four years. By saying me, I mean that I am one, and it's apart of me, and I'm proud of it. Understand?

Over the past four years, I have become more and more involved in high school. Freshmen year I did basketball, volleyball, softball, chorus, and band. No jazz band and no cheerleading. I went from all three of those sports to volleyball, softball, wrestling cheerleading, band, and jazz band my sophomore year. Then my junior year I was involved in softball, captain for wrestling cheerleading, co-captain for football cheerleading, second chair in jazz band, and key club. Finally, my senior year I'm first chair in jazz band, captain for football and wrestling cheerleading, I'm in student council, key club, I'm on homecoming court, and I'm also far more outgoing in the school then I have ever been. I now stand up and scream at games whether we're winning or losing because I'm proud to be one. I try to support every extracurricular we have in our school. If you go to a volleyball game or a football game, I can guarantee you can hear me screaming out of everyone. That's just the sports aspect.

Our teachers. We are so lucky to have the teachers we have. Every college student I've talked to that has gone to Okoboji has talked about at least one teacher that has helped them tremendously. That's fabulous. I honestly do not think that any school has teachers that are remotely close to ours. Our teachers here are not just our teachers, they're friends. They actually care. I feel that I could go in and talk to any one of my teachers if I needed help. We get to know the teachers on a more personal level so they actually care about us. I don't think many other schools could say the same. The teachers we have here are amazing.

HOMECOMING. Homecoming here is amazing. Although we don't have as much school spirit as I would like, the spirit we do have is awesome. Some of the outfits people come up with for spirit days is fabulous. Homecoming week is one of the highlights of the school year. I think you truly find out who cares and really has school spirit. The pep rally and the parade is the best part though because in the pep rally we poke fun at a bunch of teachers and the teachers do the same to the students, but it's all fun and games. I don't think anyone really takes it to heart. The parade is also awesome because we get to show case what everyone is involved in and it's great because I think most of the people in Okoboji High School is involved in at least one thing, but I know a ton of people who are involved in four or five things. The number of things students are involved in in our school is amazing, and I'm extremely proud of that.

I've only listed three things that I'm proud of but I could come up with many, many more. Our school is awesome in many ways, and I am definitely proud to be ONE.


  1. I think you've captured the idea of students being involved very nicely. The fact that some aren't involved at all disappoints me a little, because there's something here for everybody!!!

  2. You seem to understand "Proud to be One" more than most of us do. Being able to say that you are a part of it, and it's a part of you is truly amazing.

  3. In your second paragraph, I really enjoy your examples of how you saw yourself change through the years. I'm glad you see yourself as more out going.