Friday, October 5, 2012

Pioneer Pride

Okoboji High School has had its ups and downs in various activities. Our speech, debate, drama, and band programs have remained consistently successful, which is reason enough to be proud of our school. As proud as I am of those programs, I have to say that I am particularly proud of our perseverance in activities that are not always as consistent.
The history of athletic success at Okoboji has truly been a roller-coaster. Although our records on paper may not show it, our athletic teams have remained successful. One example of pioneer pride in particular is our football team. After a lack of varsity football last year, many expected Okoboji to allow the school spirit to drop along with our record. I am proud of the way our school responded by recreating a varsity team this year, and of the players who are demonstrating hard work and perseverance in the way they carry themselves as a team. 
Perhaps the aspect of Okoboji that makes me the most proud is that the ideals of a team do not pertain strictly to football. Many students are involved in various activities, and the showing of support from one activity to another exemplifies school unity and pride. This unity is not confined to the shirts we wear or the posters we see; at Okoboji we truly are proud to be one.


  1. I really like that you pointed out that our school supports all activities. We don't just support our successful extracurriculars.

  2. I liked how you pointed out the perseverance our teams have and how it's important to support all our extracurricular activities.

  3. I really like your example of the football team and how we are all proud to support them for their hard work even after last years season without a varsity team.