Friday, October 12, 2012

Living In An Invisible Box

This video took me by complete surprise. It completely bashes the public school system which makes me completely taken aback. It's not every day you get to hear something you've grown up with getting completely trashed. The idea of "feeling good about ourselves with a college degree" is a completely true notion, in my opinion. I think that those of us who do get our college degrees will have better lives because we'll be able to get better jobs. However, I don't think that having a degree necessarily brings happiness. I also think the idea of people getting judged based on how smart they are is a common problem, too. I don't think people are necessarily stupid if they aren't 'smart'. Some people are just more intelligent in one area than another. I also think that some people are just geniuses overall. The schools have been organizing us like we're on a "factory line". I don't necessarily see this part as true. Just because people learn better in different conditions or react with people better with different conditions, doesn't mean they can't be put into a group. Divergent thinking is also a pretty big concept to me, too. I think the idea that once we've gotten structure and been told how to do things, we really do start losing our creativity. I think we start losing the want and desire to be different because we've been given too much structure for so long, which handicaps us for our future when we don't have a set structure unless we dictate it ourselves.

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  1. I was a little taken aback also, but I found some breakthrough points about what's wrong with the school systems. I also think the divergent thinking is important.