Thursday, October 4, 2012

I have gone to Okoboji my whole life. I have never moved to a different school, nor move here from another school. Being part of Okoboji for the past seventeen years has been a real honor for me, and having the opportunity to represent OHS each and every day and be called a pioneer every day has been the greatest gift of all as a student. I go to school with the best seniors in the country and I have classes every day with the best teachers that Okoboji has ever had. (Personal Opinion) Having the opportunity to wear maroon and white has been one of the coolest things for me about this school, and tomorrow, for spirit day, I will wear maroon and white face paint that will not only symbolize the pride I have for this school, but it will also symbolize the pride I have for this community. I have had my up and down days over the past few years of high school, but being considered a pioneer whether I'm successful or not at my role as a student has been the greatest feeling. I am really happy to be part of this school and this community, and I am very happy to be part of this year's Homecoming parade, and have the opportunity to support our football team whether we win or lose. After I graduate from OHS, this school will forever be part of me, and the friends I have made here will be with me forever. LONG LIVE OKOBOJI!!!

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  1. I agree with every point you made int his. My favorite thing about this was the optimism you have in everything. You didn't state one negative thing and you can really tell that you're not just saying this to say it. You actually feel that way. That's so awesome.