Friday, October 19, 2012

I Hate School!

Ever said those words?  Surely not, right? 

I'm sure I said them when I was a teenager.  In this article, Roger Schank, an artificial intelligence theorist and education reform who has taught at Stanford and Yale, tells you just why you should hate school, subject by subject.  Also check out the link provided on why algebra is useless.

 In having you read these articles, I'm not saying I agree with everything he says.  (However, I completely agree that the ability to write is an essential skill.  Obviously.)

I do think it provides some good food for thought, though.  Today I want you to read and reflect.  Basically you're writing a short reaction in the form of a blog.

As you read consider the following:
What do you agree with?
What do you disagree with?
What experience to you have with any of these subjects?
How can you analyze and evaluate what Schank is saying?

Then write a reaction.  Respond to his ideas in more than 150 words.  Put some thought here.  Is there any connection between this article and the videos from last week's blog?  Finally, as always, THOUGHTFULLY respond to posts written by two classmates.

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