Friday, October 19, 2012

Hating School

After reading this article, I agree with some of it and disagree with some of it. Some things that I agree with is  that we may never use chemistry or algebra at any point in life. However, learning how to write is a more important thing. Algebra is a subject that most kids hate not just because it is hard to comprehend, but also because it is not necessary for anything that we may want to do in life. Chemistry is the same way. However, chemistry is a lot more college level rather than high school level because it talks about the periodic table, certain formulas for certain elements, and so on. These classes I see as very unnecessary because when are we ever going to ask ourselves, "If X=Y-38x+259, what is X?" or "When will I blow something up using potassium?" These classes make you say to yourself that we should be learning the things that we want to learn about. However, being taught how to read and write is the best skill that we could possibly have. The main reason why I see algebra being unnecessary is because math has always been my worst subject. Math gets me nowhere in life, and they say that no matter what you choose to do, they say that math will be involved somehow. I disagree with this statement because I want to be an artist, so I don't need to know math in order to be an artist. Algebra has been my biggest enemy, and I have gotten an "F" too many times to count, and I will never be part of math again. I don't hate school for what it is, but algebra will sometimes turn me into something I'm not.

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