Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flea Education

Most of this video made absolute sense, except for talking too fast. They said that education is formed after our history to determine our future. I have noticed that that seems to be true, but it also seems like we are trying to change that. I don't think we can change education 100 percent to match our future, but we can adapt it. The main thing that surprised me was the map of the ADHD cases and all of the facts about ADHD. The most interesting thing was the correlation between the rising cases and the rising number of standardized tests. However, this does make sense. Kids hate these tests, so they don't try and focus during them which can lead to not being able to focus at all. I liked their thoughts on divergent thinking, and some of the facts about this surprised me as well. I had never thought about divergent thinking as being defined as thinking of multiple answers. Some of the studies, like how many uses for a paper clip or the test that younger kids scored higher on, were really shocking as far as the results go. Some of their thoughts about school and education are very true to me. It seems like the school system is just a factory, aside from the extra-curricular activities. Another point they made was about how were can't really provide education for the long future if we can't even predict our short term future. This video is backed up by the flea training video. All of the fleas become trained not to jump higher then where the lid had been set, even after it was removed. The education system seems to be similar. We are all taught the same things, and many peple feel like that is the limit, and and they don't go on to exceed their boundaries.

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  1. The statistics about ADHD surprised me as well. I also agree with your point that it would make sense why kids hate and don't focus on the tests.