Monday, October 1, 2012

Feelings on Failure

I feel that the pressure to succeed and do well in college contributes to the fear of failure in high schools today. The recent epidemic of students seeing failure as a loss and not a learning experience has a detrimental effect on career and academic success. The fear of failure can be a gateway for stress and, as Steve Jobs would say, settling.  However, I don’t think it’s always a bad thing. I feel that sometimes students push themselves harder when they have a consequence. A prime example is the rule that requires athletes to pass classes in order to participate in sporting events. I do, however, agree that for some people, the fear of failure can have an opposing result. Some students take easy classes rather than challenging and interesting classes just to ensure they receive good grades. In my opinion, classes should be a balance of challenging academic material and perhaps easier classes that interest students.  


  1. I completely agree. Right now I find myself wishing I would have taken easier classes because I'm afraid of failing the ones I'm in now.

  2. I also agree that some students take easy classes so they can pass them to contribute for sports. If sports wouldn't pressure some students to pass classes people may take harder more challenging classes.