Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I think that culture of schools today has really impacted student's view of failure. I feel like many schools and specific teachers can expect way too much out of a student, and act so disappointed if they don't fulfill something. I've definitely been crippled by the fear of failure. I honestly hate to fail at anything, as bad as that sounds. Many times I convince myself I'd rather do nothing than try it and fail. Growing up school had always been so easy for me, and now that in some harder classes I give up so much easier because I don't want to try my hardest and still fail. School would be much different if I was willing to take more risks. I'm sure I'd have better grades, and be more involved. Teachers and administrators here are pretty good about providing help for those who need it. I would just like to see more help for the students who kind of understand it, but could do great things with it if they fully understood it. I think a lot of teachers here are okay with students settling, and only are concerned about those who are really struggling. Don't get me wrong I'm glad that those people are getting help, but it would also be cool if those who kinda understand would be pushed harder to achieve more things.

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