Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Divergent Thinking

I think the thing that surprised me the most in this video was the talk about ADHD. I had always thought that ADHD was something people were just born with, and had always grown up with; something that was in their genetics. After watching the video, it really does make sense that stress and school could influence kids with ADHD and make it worse. I don't have ADHD and school adds a lot of stress that makes me crazy (not that kids with ADHD are crazy) and not want to focus. I think that divergent learning really needs to be more incorporated into the classroom. There are many times so many different ways to approach a problem or reading passage, but we're only taught one way. For example, in math I learn better from certain teachers because of the way they approach the problems, not necessarily because one teacher is better than the other. We need to realize that everyone learns in different ways, and adapt to that because that's how the real world is. One think I think schools could improve on is showing kids that they can be successful  regardless of what they're good at. A person doesn't need to ace calculus to go to college and have a well paying job, the same as a person doesn't need to take art to be creative. Everyone is smart and talented in their own ways. There are so many different solutions to problems and so many different people that make up our society that it wouldn't make sense not to teach divergent learning in school.

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