Friday, October 12, 2012

Divergent Thinking and a Jar of Fleas

Today we're going to do some outside-of-the-box thinking.  This will require some higher-order thinking skills on a Friday of all days, but I know you can do it.

First we're going to watch a video about.....fleas!  You might be wondering where I'm going with this, but I want you to think about it as a metaphor for learning.  Especially pay attention to the statement at the end.  You can access the video through My Big Campus using this link.

Next we're going to watch a longer video about something called "divergent thinking" in relation to your education.  As you watch, jot down notes of ideas or thoughts that jump out at you.  It's fast-paced, so you really will need to be paying attention.  We might actually need to watch this one more than once to get all of the pertinent information. You can access the video through My Big Campus using this link.

Now write a response of at least 150 words (for those of you who need parameters), but certainly feel free to write more.  Focus on ideas rather than word limit.  What surprised you about this video?  What did you agree with?  What did you disagree with?  His information is based on research.  Were there any facts that jumped out at you?  How does this make you feel about the education you have received for the last 12-13 years?  What does it mean as you prepare to enter the "real world"?  Is there any connection to this and the flea metaphor from the first video? When you are finished responding, comment on at least two of your classmates' posts.

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