Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Critical Thinking

The videos that we watched did a very interesting job at criticizing the school system. One of my favorite parts of the second video was about the part about too high of expectations and how we always raise the bar, but never lower it. I think this is true because when smart students don't reach the high bar, they stop trying and in the end, their grades plummet. Senior year is a great example of this. Many students get 'senioritis' and stop caring about classes because it requires so much effort to achieve a high grade point average. In the video, ADHD was also discussed. The video talked about drugs used for kids with ADHD and how they practically shut kids down. It was also interesting that kindergartners scored the highest on the divergent learning test because they haven't been in school very long. I also wonder how we will solve this problem. Can we still have scheduled education why avoiding these problems? I think schools can do better and help students learn in creative manners.

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