Monday, September 10, 2012

Steve Jobs

I think that the graduation speech that Steve Jobs gave was rather impressive. Personally, I like the idea that he managed to relate to the students through personal experiences. It would mean more to me to have someone give my commencement speech and be able to relate rather than have someone give this huge, flowery speech that I won't remember because I fell asleep. The fact that he relates to love, loss, and death, is truly something that I would be able to tolerate listening to.


  1. I know your graduation is much closer than mine, but I too would enjoy a grad speech that I remember and have something to relate it to!

  2. I agree that having a speech that is relative to your life would be good. It would be easier to remember.

  3. A speech that relates will more than likely be a speech that is remembered, and when giving a speech is there anymore you can ask for?