Friday, September 7, 2012

Steve Jobs

I think that the graduation address Steve Jobs gave at Stanford is great. He used his life to relate to every single person in the room. Everyone has success, everyone has failure, and everyone faces death. I agree with so much of what he said, but I think the thing I agree with him most is the idea that you need to live each day if you could be your last. It's weird to think that someday we will no longer walk this earth, but that just means that every day we are here we need to make an impact. When you die, no one talks about the bad things that you've done in your life, just the good. I want to make it a point that at my funeral people have an unending amount of positive things to talk about that I did in my lifetime. I think that Steve Jobs is a great example of destiny and determination. He is the perfect example that with love and hard work you can literally accomplish anything you could ever want. Somehow all of those dots years before connect and things falls together. That's a good philosophy to have because if you think that things are going to end up badly, you will never truly and passionately strive for success.

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  1. I agree with everything you said. It is very weird to think that someday, we will just be remembered and someone that used to be in somebodies life. It's hard to fathom that one day, we will all be a memory.