Friday, September 7, 2012

Steve jobs policies on life are very true. I believe that we all should find a job that we are looking for and don't settle for one. We will all be working for most of our life's so we need to get a job that we will love to do. I can see now that we all need to live life as if today is going to be our last day. I will now use his policy by asking myself "If today were your last day, would I want to do what I'm about to do." I find that a great quote to follow in all aspects of life. Steve Jobs is a great example of what hard work can do to you. He dropped out of Reed College and stayed as a drop-in student there attending the classes he wanted to. Since he loved the things he did with technology he start with nothing but a garage to run his Apple company. And now look what he has accomplished with the huge corporation of Apple as we know it today. Steve Jobs just did what he loved and it took him places. When he looked back on his life he loved his worst moments in life like getting fired from his own company Apple because that only made him a better person and helped him create Pixar. Steve Jobs is an inspiration to all of us and shows us what hard work can accomplish with its ups and downs.

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