Monday, September 17, 2012

me happy :)

-belly laughs
-my horse
-reading on a rainy day
-bubble baths
-the fair
-wake boarding
-chubby British kids
-running barefoot in the rain
-swinging on the tire swing
-cowboys :)
-listening to different music
-having no homework for the night
-hugging someone who cares
-mud pies
-the ocean 
-sandy feet
-plush grass
-dusty sunsets
-ridiculous family discussions
-family friends
-family reunions
-orange julius
-movie nights
-derping in the park
-youth group :)
-completing a race, and being done!
-showing horses
-night swimming
-doing homework the day it is due
-play dough
-being wierd


  1. I like that your list is composed of little things. I particularly enjoy that chubby British kids make you happy.

  2. I love the pictures at the end. They also made me happy. I'm trying not to laugh as I look at this pictures in government right now. Heheh