Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy List

Pistachio ice cream
Fresh sushi
Pasta night
Grater Taters
My cat, Fluffy
YIP pens
$1 sandwiches at Jimmy Johns
Bad horror movies
Hanna Schoning
Sand between my toes
No-makeup days
Sappy chick flicks (Particularly The Notebook)
Taking my hair out of a bun
Drive-inn theater
The Wal-Mart greeter with an eye-patch who hands out stickers
Extra pickles on my sandwiches
Laughing so hard I think I develop a 6-pack
Cat videos
My brother's social awkwardness
Taking off shoes at the end of a long day
The perfect knee-pad to knee ratio.
Watching lava lamps
Forever Lazy
Having someone brush my hair for me
Blowing on a dandelion
Olivia Albright's lace shorts
Uncle Jessie from Full House
When Mallory Luers paints her nails
Putting Nutella on everything
The marsh mallows in Lucky Charms
Disney Movies
Michael Phelps in slow-mo
Watching the waves while tanning
When Olivia Albright does my hair
Spending time with my niece
Being so tan people question my ethnicity
Home volleyball games
Making a wish at 11:11
Smart-wool socks in winter
Girls night in (complete with cookie dough and chick flicks)
The way British people say "literally"
Sleeping during a thunderstorm
Letting go of balloons
Napping in a hammock

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