Sunday, September 16, 2012


50 things that make me happy.

My Bailey puppy, hot chocolate, egg drop soup, music, WORKING computers, a warm blanket, soccer, being goalkeeper, pressure of decision making, new cleats, being able to see the whole situation, feeling strong, no homework, sleep, comic strips in the newspaper, Sudoku, biking, skiing, kayaking, sunrise over the lake, Fox Soccer Channel, art, sweatpants, socks, sunglasses, spell check, helping others, smiles, USWNT, the Clay County fair, science, poetry, smoothies, Tropical Sno, my sister, tennis, icy hot, the night sky, fishing, Pirates of the Caribbean, mountain climbing, ATV's, headbands/bandannas, freedom, true friends, camp, good grades, not being judged/ not judging, welding, and God

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