Monday, September 17, 2012

Happiness; A True Blessing

Warning. This might get a little personal for your likings. No judging allowed. Family, friends, cheerleading, cuddling ;), Tumblr, Instagram, blogging, summer, going to the beach, zoning out to music, love, God, youth group, my nieces and nephews, smiling for no apparent reason, mission trips, volunteering, my grandma, getting As on tests, Chinese food (nom nom), Levi :), ma bff, football games, campfires, camping, road trips, not working at Hyvee anymore, my current job, how chill and personal my boss is, taking pictures, photography, memories, IJC, tattoos, ear piercings, Boyce Avenue/Switchfoot, babies, sleeping in, WEDDINGS, when I get my hair to look perfect, make-up, science, being accepted, when people are genuinely nice, reading, movies, heart-to-hearts, my hamster Darrel, wrestling meets, homecoming, feeling accomplished, laughing until I'm in tears, when my favorite song comes on the radio, yoga pants, shopping, rainy days, dancing in the rain, not having a care in the world.

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