Monday, September 17, 2012

Happiness list

My family, rabbits, my dog, the depot, the stars, sunrises or sunsets, music, stories, books, laughter, friends, breakfast food, snow, random silly moments, respect, Disney movies, good grades, hot chocolate, the smell of baked goodies, animals, holidays, relaxing, family get-togethers, movies, people being kind, sleeping in, no homework, fun words, blooming plants, Sherlock Holmes, no chores, clothes fresh out of the drier, accomplishing something, God, waterfalls, cookie dough ice cream, watching the clouds, daydreaming, a good night of sleep, popping bubble wrap, classic board games, sliding around in you socks, games that you made up as a kid, bubbles, rainy days, reading a good book, watching cartoons, working computers, no school days, boating, and bright colors.

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