Friday, September 28, 2012

Fear to Fail to Pass

Fear of failure is a common thing seen among high schools. Even here at Okoboji, many students fear not doing well. One reason for here at Okoboji would be that kids who are involved in sports or other activities don't want to fail because then they're unable to participate in whatever they are doing. The 'no pass, no play' rule is very effective in that sense to prevent kids from failing. I think a big way in which teachers help is when they give the options to retake a test or to redo something in general. I know that if I do really poorly on something that I will take the chance to redo it for a better score. Fearing failure is a good thing because it acts like a motivator to help be successful in all classes. Being utterly terrified of not being able to do well in a class is not necessarily what the article was trying to get at. I think what is was saying failing at that time in life is okay, and it's always possible to try again.


  1. That is a great way of viewing that article. I like how you mention that it is is possible to try again.

  2. I think you really have covered how fearing failure is a good thing but I think you missed how it can also keep people in their comfort zone and how that can minimize positive risk taking.

  3. I agree with Casey. I think that what you said about fearing failure is very true and that a lot of people can relate but I also think that it's not always possible to try again so that's a huge risk you have to be willing to take when taking the chance to fail.