Friday, September 28, 2012

Fear of Failure

I must admit, this is a pretty good idea for certain people. It fits perfectly into the school because they are the type that always make sure there is a clear path to success. The stories of other people they know who have failed and recovered will most likely impact these girls for the better. It may open more of them up to trying new things to expand their horizons. I feel like that wouldn't fit into our school, however, because some students don't care if they fail. A small part of our school population seem truly afraid to fail. For those who do seem afraid, teachers and peers could try encouraging the students a little bit more. Rather than saying, "You should join a sport," people should say, "Join this sport because you will improve even if you fail," or something along those lines. Student life would probably get better, and more people would be friendlier if we all took the right risks to improve our lives. Personally, I have found that not being afraid to take risks has allowed me to grow closer to some friends, as well as make new friends. In freshman year, I was afraid to take the risk of joining speech because I knew I wasn't a good speaker. However, because I did join, I have improved in speaking, and I made some new friends, including Kara.

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