Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Face-To-Face or Facebook?

I agree with Jake in that today’s society is becoming more acquainted with technological interaction than human interaction. The results of this acquaintance are both physical and psychological, as more and more people become obese and socially withdrawn. This dependence on electronics is taking its toll on the future of America. I find it sad that we are teaching children proper cell-phone etiquette rather than teaching them manners. However, I feel that regardless of age we can all learn a lesson from Jake’s experiment. I find it very brave of Jake to realize his addiction to modern-day technology. What is more impressive to me is that he had the courage to do something about it. By giving up technology for three months, Jake said goodbye to hours wasted on electronic media, and he said hello to an enriched way of living. Jake was forced to talk to people in person, therefore establishing real and intimate human relationships rather than a high score on Words with Friends. Jake was forced to spend time with himself and figure out who his true friends are. I think that taking a break from technology would be beneficial, however I don’t think I could do that. We heavily rely on computers for our education, and taking that away would be the opposite of beneficial as far as my grades are concerned. Living without a cell phone would be difficult as that is my main method of communication and as a tool to organize social events. That may be the problem with our society, we have the opportunity to change our dependence on technology but we choose not to.

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  1. T think you are 100% correct when you talk about society choosing not to change our dependence on technology. Regardless of how much we use technology to communicate and socialize, we still have the choose to cease our use. It is just that with so many people on this earth all choosing to partake in social media, no one wants to start something different.