Friday, September 28, 2012

Epic Fail

1.  Read this article.  Don't worry.  It's short.

2.  Write a response of at least 150 words.  Consider some of the following questions:

  • How has the culture of schools today contributed to students’ fears of failure?
  • How has the fear of failure been a crippling experience in your own life?  Have you ever been afraid to try something because of that fear?
  • How would your school experience be different if you were willing to take more risks?
  • How could teachers and administrators take some of the fear of failure out of the school environment?
  • Is the fear of failure ever a good thing?
  • What do you think this experience will be like for these girls?  Do you think it will impact their view of learning?
  • What are some lessons that you have learned from failure in your own life?
  • Any other thoughts in response to this idea of Failure Week?

3.  Respond to at least two other posts with a thoughtful, reflective comment.

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