Monday, September 24, 2012


Cheating is definitely a problem here at Okoboji; I can spot it from tables away. I'm no saint and can say that I've cheated myself. With cheating, I believe that it's mainly black and white with a little bit of gray. I think that having a friend to help you learn the material is alright, but when you're peering over their shoulder for the answers, that's when I will consider it copying. In high school I don't consider cheating a big offense. It's just when you carry that bad habit over to college is when it becomes a problem. I think most teachers notice that cheating is going on, but just turn a blind eye to it. Some causes of cheating are the laptops and the ease of internet access. Another cause is that people become lazy and do not want to do their own homework so they copy someone else.


  1. That would be a terrible habit to carry to college. I agree that the laptops make it easier to cheat.

  2. If you take this habit to college there is a good chance that you will get in a lot of trouble, maybe even kicked out.