Monday, September 24, 2012


Cheating, today, seems to be mostly the effect of people not knowing the technicalities of cheating. Other reasons are not getting work done, not knowing how to do something, or just being to lazy to do it. Technology increased cheating a little by allowing us to look something up or send a message to someone else, but the most cheating I see is not through technology. In our school, it is a problem, but it is not our biggest problem. The main cause is being to lazy to do the work, not understanding it, or forgetting about it. I think cheaters understand what it is, they just chose to neglect it as being a problem. People that cheat for whatever reason are just cheating themselves out of a proper education, no pun intended. Teachers are always pounding into our heads that cheating and plagiarism is bad, and there will be consequences, but I don't think they can ever stop it.

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