Friday, September 21, 2012


Academic issues of cheating have been found in many recent news headlines, especially with the discovery that many Harvard students (including athletes) cheated on a take-home final exam in what would become the biggest cheating scandal in the history of the school.  This epidemic is not just found among struggling students trying to pass classes, however.  High achieving students are perpetrators as well.  Today we will explore this topic in our blog.  Yes, this will take some thinking.  Yes, I know it's Friday.  Yes, this is a college-level writing course.  Your brain is required.

1.  Read this article from The New York Times.  It discusses some of the reasons that students are cheating more today.  

2.  Then create a new blog post (of at least 150 words) responding to the article and these issues with cheating.  I wish that this blog post could be anonymous, but I can't figure out a way to still use blogger without your profile.  However, I really would appreciate honesty as you write.  I think this is a topic worth exploring.  Think about the following:

  • What were the reasons the author gave for cheating today?  
  • How much has the increased use of technology in schools played a role in the increase of cheating?
  • Do you think cheating and plagiarizing is a problem in our school?  If so, what do you think are the causes?
  • Do you think students fully understand the definition of cheating and plagiarizing?
  • Do you think cheating is a serious offense?  Why or why not?
  • Do school officials and teachers do enough to stop cheating and plagiarizing?  Why or why not?  (I really won't take your answer personally.)
  • Anything else from the article that deserves your response?
3.  Comment thoughtfully on at least two blogs written by your classmates.

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