Friday, September 28, 2012

Failing: Beneficial or Heartbreaking?

After reading this article, I think there is a difference in failing and being a failure. Failing is usually something that people can overcome, and being a failure means someone is absolutely worthless and can't overcome it. An example of detrimental failing would be failing to graduate high school. This would be a situation where it would be really hard to overcome for the student. An example of beneficial failing would be failing a math test because it will help you to learn from those mistakes made on the test to help you do better on the next test. I have never had the ability to take risks in school because I want to be successful and I feel like school is a place where I need to prove myself the most, meaning I need to show teachers that I can put a good effort into doing more than what they see me do. I have felt the feeling of failing and being a failure many times and I do believe that it is something you learn from. However, it isn't necessarily a bad thing to fail at something because you make mistakes, and you learn from those mistakes, and hopefully help other people not make the same mistake as you. Nobody is perfect. Everybody will at some point or another fail at something again, but the more times somebody fails, the better they get. So in a way, failing is beneficial, but not always.

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  1. Can you give specific examples, Derek? What makes the different between beneficial failure and detrimental failure? Do you feel like you are afraid to take risks in school because you don't want to fail?