Friday, September 21, 2012

After reading this article, I do agree with a lot of the information mentioned. I do believe that today, kids are cheating for two reasons: to be different from everybody else, and think they can be successful. Today in our school, I believe in some cases that there is more copying than cheating because in today's world, kids don't like to think, so they copy exact information word for word. I don't think cheating goes on as much because kids know that they can suffer major consequences for cheating, whether they get their answers from a computer or look of another student's paper. Technology has influenced and raised cheating statistics because kids really like to get all their answers from the computer instead of using critical thinking, and they think critical thinking is harder work than copying answers word for word from the computer.

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  1. I agree with technology influencing kids to cheat because it really does just make cheating easier and more tempting.