Friday, September 7, 2012

After reading this article, I can connect with Steve on so many levels. I really liked how he shared the quotes and sayings that he has once heard of, and with these quotes and everything else that Jobs had to say, I completely agree. When he shared the quote, "If you live every day like it is your last, someday you will be right," that was one of the many things that got my attention from this article because I live my life by this quote. All of Jobs' feelings that he shared were pretty much parallel to how I feel about life. I truly believe that life isn't always what you expect it to be, and knowing what you like to do when you go to college, will only benefit you in the long run because if you know what you like to do, you will have fun doing it, and life will only be one word to you, "success". Jobs had a really interesting outlook on life, and from now on, I will live the rest of my life by what Jobs had to say in this article.

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  1. "Life isn't always what you truly expect it to be." What a true statement. I think that in today's society we're more focused on here and now, and aren't really looking ahead at what is to come.