Friday, September 21, 2012

50 Things

(This was finished last week, I just pressed save instead of publish)

Passion Pit, Noah and the Whale, Bronze Radio Return, Spotify, my cat, Slam Poetry, friends, Tumblr, Cookies, my grandma's cooking, the fair, para sailing, Mexican food, bonfires, late night pow-wows, debaters who don't argue all of the time, nice people, football games, smores, road trips with friends, making fun of Maddie, not having to work at Subway, memories, All-State, plays and musicals, walks in the fall, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Adventure P.E. with Goods, Sleeping in, making breakfast with friends, Summer, looking at the stars, Disney Songs, sleeping in, reading Philosophy, finding a different idea from Philosophy, awesome people, not high school drama, Individual speech, performing for a play or musical, creeping around Arnold's Park, the Beach, Summer, hot chocolate, even more slam poetry, sometimes debate tournaments, kayaking, fancy dinners, debate camp, producing a great video project, surpassing expectations.

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