Friday, August 31, 2012


He did it because he thought that all of the people were wasting way too much time on social media website or cell phones. So he took a break from all of these things to prove to people that this could be done. He learned a lot about himself during these 90 days. He found out who his true friends were, and who just wanted to text him when they were bored. He even reconnected with his ex girlfriend because there was no longer any pressure or jealousy between them. After it all I think that it strengthen the way he communicated with others.


  1. I agree with what POOP said, it would be pretty hard not to check any social media sites and at the end he learned a lot about himself.

  2. Poopy makes a good point when he did this experiment to prove to everyone that we can survive without electronic technology. You never know who your true friends are when there is no non face to face socialization.