Friday, August 31, 2012


Jake chose to do this experiment to see how his life would change without social media. He wanted to see if his life would improve or get worse. Both happened. Some aspects of his life improved while other areas declined. He learned that his friends either got closer to him or vanished almost completely from his life. He started a relationship with his ex-girlfriend again because they could focus completely on each other and not get distracted or upset about things happening online or in texts. He also learned how to write letters because this was the first time he had ever had to write them.


  1. Tanner you make good points. I agree with you that his life both improved and declined. Some of his friends just truly weren't his friends.

  2. Tanner, I agree with the concept of Jake having had both an improvement and a decline in his life. I think it would be really interesting to truly see who your friends are.

  3. I agree with both T dolla and D sy that his life both improbed and declined. But I think that it improved more for the better