Friday, August 31, 2012

Going Amish?

Basically, what I got out of this article is that Jake told his opinion about the issue of people around the country spending to much time on their electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter, etc.... Based on what Reilly said, I completely agree when he said that we simply spend too much of our time on electronic devices, and what I learned about what Jake learned is that people don't actually realize how much time they actually do spend on social media and other media until one of their loved ones or people that they really hold dear to their heart is hurt and insulted in a way because we rather spend our time on social media instead of spending valuable time with our families and friends. This article was really interesting because Jake took a sacrifice that hardly anybody else would take. This is an experiment that I would not be able to do because my cell phone is the most important piece of electronic because if there is an emergency, I have my phone with me to call 911. However, I don't use Facebook or Twitter because in my opinion, it is the biggest, complete waste of my time. Sorry to everyone who does use Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Derek, I think that the idea of giving up Facebook and Twitter would be interesting! However, I don't think I'm not the one to put it to the test.