Friday, August 31, 2012

Going Amish??

Welcome to our class blog!  We'll use this as a place to share our writing and collaborate on ideas.  We'll start off easy for this first week.

1.  Read this article about a man who gave up his cell phone, email, and all forms of social media for 90 days.

2.  Write a response (a new blog post) of at least 100 words (aim for more) about what you've learned.  Some things to consider:  Why did Jake do this?  What did he accomplish or learn?  Would you be willing to do a similar experiment?  Why or why not?  Do you think as a society we are too "plugged in"?

3.  Read your writing carefully.  Focus on well-organized, articulate ideas.  When you push PUBLISH, your words are available for the world to see.  That's a great thing and a somewhat scary thing.  Check spelling.  Make sure you capitalize the beginnings of sentences.  Give your post an original title.

4.  After you have published, read your classmate's posts.  Comment THOUGHTFULLY on at least two other posts.  Your comment can't be vague or general like, "I agree" or "I thought the same thing" or "Good point."  Thoughtfully respond to their ideas and writing by adding a comment of at least a couple of sentences.  You might also consider asking a question in your comment to clarify their writing/thinking. 

Have fun as we share!

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