Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I Find Some Classes Pointless

Just because Roger C. Schank thinks that school subjects are pointless, doesn't mean that I hate them. Even stated in the title, his article focuses on why kids hate school, but all he huffed and puffed about were the reasons why he thought classes were pointless education. I don't hate classes, but do I find them worthless for my future? Of course. The only reason why I take these worthless classes is because it's required. When I do learn something though, it is easily forgotten in the coming months because I don't regurgitate everyday like my teacher demands; however, all this data will probably be stored in my long-term memory because it spent so much time in my working-memory(some things I learned in my Psychology class). But even though it's in my ltm, does not mean I can recall any of this because it wasn't that important to my education in the first place. I can honestly say only three out of the eight of my classes I'm taking now will be used in my future.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Practicality of Education Systems

I think that Rodger Schank provides many good points in his argument against education systems. I've seen a connection between Schank's article and Sir Ken Robinson's article, being that they both talk about the irrelevancy of mind-numbing classes and the fact that education is based on a system made for a completely different era. I agree that if students are completely uninterested in a class, then they won't learn from it and will probably continue to hate the subject for the rest of their educational career (seeing as they won't use it outside of college anyway). Earlier this year we read a speech by Steve Jobs that told us to pursue classes and things we were interested in, as that will make us more successful in a global job market. We often take classes because we feel that they will help us in college, when in reality, some of the things we learn in high school and college classes have little to no application in our every-day lives. I do feel, however, that students should take at least a few different classes to create a more broad and well-rounded educational background rather than a narrow-minded background. That being said, Schank makes very good points that should be taken into consideration by education systems around the globe.

Unneeded Schooling

Agree with a lot of what Roger C. Schank had to say. A lot of the subjects we take in school really are pointless for a lot of students. It is important to have the basic education, but other than that, it isn't important unless you use it. Basic education of all subjects helps us because at some point in your life, you will need all of them. Some subjects like writing, reading, and math are more important then others, but it is still important to know about all of them. Learning the basics can also help you learn what you are good at and give you an idea of what you want to do later in life. We should be able to take more of the classes that interest us in what we want to do later in life instead sitting through classes you want pay attention to. Taking classes you don't like causes not only the students but also the teachers to be miserable. The kids don't want to be there and the teachers get mad when the students don't participate or pay attention. It works better when the kids are happy to be there.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why kids hate school? No!

A man named Roger Schank wrote an interesting article on why kids hate school. Some of the subject he goes over are understandable, like chemistry, history, and biology. I agree with almost everything he says, but there are a few that I will point out that he has wrong. First of all, he introduces the article as, "here is why you hate it." However, reading through the article makes me realize that he never really says why we hate it, he just says why he finds it useless. Yes, we might hate it because we might find it useless, but not everyone who hates high school hates it for the same reason. Second, he points out the angry math teachers. He is speculating in doing this. He says that if math made you think, the teachers would have looked him up, but maybe they did look him up and realized it didn't matter who he was. Also, it seems to me that he thinks he is better than what people are saying just because of what he studied. Studying the subject your bashing doesn't not make a person immune to being hated because it will still anger some readers. The final thing I would like to point out is his section on foreign language; he may have found this happening with his daughter, but everybody learns differently. Personally, I find it easier to write the words down, look at them, say them to myself, and then test myself to see what I remember. I have heard of people who have been dumped in a foreign land with no knowledge of the language, but they learn it. However, they all say that they were overwhelmed, and they wanted to give up.

Hatin on School

Rodger Schank brought up many great points on why we don't need school. Students, for the most part, know what they are good at and want to go into as a field of study for the rest of their lives. So these students should take classes that will help them in that field or ones that they enjoy. For me history is my worse class. I never have liked it, I always have thought it was boring, unless you talk about like WWII or something. But for the most part things like the Renaissance and European governments of different counties through time is a boring useless topic that I don't ever need to know. I liked how he talked about foreign languages and how we learn them. We have all these tests and quizzes on them for the writing part with its grammar rules and other such nonsense. Most people need to learn to understand, interpret it from real speaking native people. When I was in Spanish, I was good on the writing aspect of it but couldn't understand anyone who spoke Spanish. Overall I agree with Rodger Schank and can see that schools need to change our education system for students. 

Understanding Our Cries For Help

Roger C. Schank. I could marry you. Finally, someone actually agrees with what us students have been saying for years. 
Why we hate school: 2 Main Reasons
Reason 1: Classes
We are forced to take so many classes that in the real world won't help us unless we're going into that area of work. For example, history. With the area of work I'm going into, I don't need to know about what happened a hundred years ago unless it was due to science. For certain  people, they won't need math. My brother, for example, is going to the marines. He doesn't need math. He's not going to use it and plus, he's just not that good at it, so it's of no use. I think it's fine that in middle school and elementary school we have to take basically all required classes because that'll show us what we really want to do with our life and what we love, but in high school we should be able to choose all the classes we want to take. Sure, there are going to be people that take the extremely easy way out, but that's their own fault when their future doesn't work out the way they would want it to. Then there will be the other kids who take the classes they know will help them with their future and they will be more than ready to go to college and study what they want because they'll have a very strong background. 

Reason 2: Being treated like a child but expected to act like an adult
This just make me angry. Honestly. We are expected to act like adults and do our homework on time and be to class on time, but then we're treated like children. With these new computers our school has, they have basically EVERYTHING blocked. In college do you think we'll have websites blocked? No. We should obviously have some sites blocked because of how inappropriate they are, but websites such as YouTube shouldn't be blocked. YouTube has many things that would be very helpful to us, but it's blocked. We need to learn how to control our urge to be on other sites while were in high school, or else we're going to be thrown in college and have Facebook and Twitter at our hands during class, and we'll take advantage of it. We won't have the practice of controlling it. 

I'm sure there are more reasons why students hate school, but these are the two that first came to mind. If we fix these problems, I'm sure students would enjoy school more, but I'm also sure that there are always going to be some students who will constantly look for a reason to hate it. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Is The Way Schools Teach Harming Our Futures?

After watching the video the other day by Sir Ken Robinson and then reading Roger Schank's articles, I have begun to question our school system more and more. Roger Schank gives reasons why each mandatory class in school shouldn't be mandatory. Like chemistry. I took chemistry last year and I didn't like it at all. It didn't interest me. Schank said that most students won't take chemistry again because they'll never use it again. I am one of those students. I'm not going to become a doctor or anything that deals with chemicals. He also gave really good reasons why teaching foreign languages is bad. I am now in my fourth year of taking Spanish and honestly I still can't understand spanish speaking people that well. The problem, like Schank said, is that the way people talk and how books say people talk are completely different. None of us speak perfect English, following all of the grammer rules, and neither does anyone else in other countries. I do kind of disagree with how Schank presents his information. I agree with a lot of what he says, but he says it in a kind of unprofessional way. He states that several of the subjects are "silly" and "a complete waste of time." While I do agree with these statements, many people will see these and see Roger Schank as not very professional and deem his informational not trustworthy. Overall I agree with Roger Schank and Sir Ken Robinson and that something needs to be done about the way students learn.